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What are we about?

This material is designed to help fathers take an active part in their children's lives leading up to the choice of a life partner. Not a dictitorial role, nor a passive role, but a role where a father helps them determine what is desired in a spouse and then protects them from unqualified choices. This is a cooperative project between a father and their child where they each contribute their perspective. It is based on relationship and should be built over a number of years so that trust can be established. Come browse and see how this can work.



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Someone just showed up to court your daughter, or your son says he would like to court so-and-so What do you do now? Here is a quick reference for fathers

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What is the right time to begin preparing your child for courtship? I talk with various parents and find that though they want courtship for their children, they wait until a suitor is knocking on the door before they think about it. As parents, I want to encourage you to think much earlier about preparing yourselves and your children for this critical stage of life. <read more>

“No matter their age, your child must understand that you want them to be successful. Ponder this for a moment - how are you going to communicate that reality to your child? This heart knowledge requires your consistent input so that they can trust you. You must be humble so that they will believe you want the best for them. They need to see and hear you pray for their future life partner. You can draw their heart to you, but you cannot demand it. To demand their heart will only close it off to you. Think of the way the writer of Proverbs appeals to his son to listen, heed, and harken to his words. Work at capturing their heart.”

About the Author

Dana Dickey is a father of four homeschooled daughters committed to courtship. Three of the daughters are now married. Dana has a passion to share the principles of courtship with others to help protect sons and daughters for their future marriages. He believes the key to success in courtship is an involved father. This site strives to share what he has learned in hopes of helping you as you struggle through this time of life.