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Dana Dickey

Dana Dickey is married to his lovely wife Fayrene and has delighted being so for the last 34 years. A father of four daughters who were homeschooled and have committed to courtship. Three of the daughters are now married. Dana has a passion to share the principles of courtship with others to help protect sons and daughters for their future marriages. Much of that desire grew out of a frustration of wondering what he would do to carry out a courtship. He believes the key to success in courtship is an involved father. Involved fathers can help their children determine what they want in a spouse, guide them to become a compliment to their own desired spouse, and help them weed out those who don't meet that criteria. He manages a non-profit, agricultural group in California.


Courtship does not begin the day a young man asks to pursue a girl, it begins as a lifestyle and mindset many years before marrying age. My parents began to instill in my sisters and I the principles of courtship from a very young age. They also imparted to us a vision for using our single years to serve the Lord without distraction.

By the time I reached the ripe age of 17, I was convinced of my readiness for marriage and thought I must simply wait for the right man. The Lord, however, was faithful not to let me waste the next six years of my life in impatient waiting. He slowly but surely led me to a place of totally surrendering marriage to Him and seeking to keep my focus on how I could serve the Kingdom. Those were six very busy years full of service, learning, and preparing. One helpful exercise was to prepare a list of qualities or qualifications the man I married must have. By placing this in my father's hands, it freed me from "scoping out" the guys around me, and it also gave my dad a valuable tool for future reference.

When a young man did come in pursuit of my hand in marriage, I was so grateful for all those years of preparation. Dad knew what I was looking for in a husband and put him to the test. There was security for me in knowing the young man had gained my dad's approval, and yet I still sought the Lord earnestly to know His will for my life. My parents were instrumental in guiding my now husband and I to have long discussions about important issues that often cause barriers and strife in marriage. What a blessing to have harmony and oneness in our marriage because we worked out how to deal with conflict ahead of time.

Some young people despise the idea of their parents being involved in the courtship process. Yet the blessing and freedom of training your children to respect marriage, to seek God's best, and to desire their parent's counsel cannot be adequately measured. I have three young children of my own now, and already we have begun to teach them God's principles of marriage and will use the material in Seasons of Courtship as they mature and prepare for marriage.

A daughter from California

We woke up to the painful reality of an unguided courtship when our daughter met a fine Christian young man during a one year service assignment in another state.
In spite of meeting the young man on a couple of occasions and frequent phone conversations we simply didn't see certain red flags until after we had given our blessing to their engagement.   Soon after the engagement our daughter began voicing concerns about background issues which we hadn't tried to avoid, but somehow didn't surface as problems.  It was a heartbreaking ,wrenching decision, but we finally advised our daughter to break the engagement, which she did.  It would be difficult to overstate the trauma of that episode.

The material on courtship assembled by Mr. Dickey got into our hands too late to avoid this sad experience, but when almost a year later another young man called to express an interest in our daughter we were alert and on guard in a new way.  By then we had read Mr. Dickey's material, and though perhaps we didn't apply it completely as presented, we were much better equipped as to what we needed to know and how we wanted to protect our daughter.  One result of  using this organized approach to vetting the young man, soon now to be our son-in-law, was that it seemed to elevate his esteem and respect for our daughter.   An important aspect of these materials is that, one way or another, it provides for a growing experience for the young man.  May my sons be so blessed to be held to these high standards.    

From a dad in Oklahoma

The materials were very helpful.  Mr. Dickey first gave the list of questions to me at the point when our future son-in-law and our daughter had already received my blessing to move from the courtship phase into engagement, so we used them as an “after the fact” time to get further acquainted. Our future son-in-law knew the questions were from a book and not just from me, so they provided a vehicle to deepen our relationship on a non-threatening basis.  I found that since the questions were presented in a step-by-step manner, I was able to go through them with my future son-in-law one at a time, and we were able to discuss each topic candidly.

Testimonial from a courtship dad in Sanger, California

The Seasons of Courtship material has been very valuable to me as a father and I trust to my children.
In preparing my children to think ahead for a possible mate and how to best prove God's will in finding that mate, Dana Dickeys practical application on courtship has been an excellent tool.
Having 3 young men come to me with an interest in one of my daughters, I have been able to apply much of what the Lord has taught me through this courtship material.
There are two areas that I have been most impressed with.
1) Preparation is key.
     I have learned the importance of establishing convictions
     early on with my children in this area. Being prepared to
     answer a suitors call effectively, as a father guarding the
     heart of a daughter, and preparing sons to approach a
     young lady with discretion.
 2) Open relationships.
      To maintain an open relationship, is of utmost importance
       regarding the trust needed to carry out a successful court-
       ship. A father must be attentive to the needs and desires
       of his children in order to gain their confidence in his         
       wisdom and discernment. This must start early on, and not
       just pertaining to courtship, but for the glory of God in our
I highly recommend this material for parents in preparing sons and daughters for a successful courtship.

from a dad in California

(The following is from a young man in California who called me right after he met with the father. He realized after that meeting that the father was not going to be involved. The young man wanted the benefits of the courtship process to get to know the young lady even if the father was not involved)

My wife's family had never heard of courtship, but that didn't stop me from setting up a meeting with her father to ask permission to start.  Despite my nervousness, my future father in law seemed excited about my interest in his daughter.  He invited me to come to his house anytime I wanted.  After talking to him, I called Jenny and set up a time for us to get together.  I received some wise counsel to begin immediately discussing the important things in a relationship, so we began by writing down what we believed about our relationship to God, how we viewed the roles of Husband and Wife, the roles of extended family and many more.  It was very scary exchanging those emails, but exciting too.  Discussing the emails afterwords with Jenny helped both of us gain a deeper understanding of each other.  I also got to know her family better by spending many dinners with her family, and met her father for lunch on more than a few occasions.  Not having clear direction from Jenny's father left me to my own devices, but by taking charge, and leading both of us through a focused time of reviewing what was most important to both of us in a marriage relationship before becoming emotionally entangled was invaluable.

Thank you for caring enough for my future, and the future of my life partner to take the time to figure out how to conduct a courtship should a young man approach you with "the question". I always knew I could send anybody to you at anytime should the need arise, knowing that you would take care of me and protect me. Your blessing on my marriage was extremely important to me, and I have to attribute that to your loving care through the years and knowing that you DID want me to get married. Even when things got tough, and you had to tell me no to a relationship that wasn't right, I knew in my heart you wanted the best for me.

I appreciated your desire to know what I saw as important in a husband and getting that input from me before a young man should arrive so that you could add those desires and standards to the list you had prepared to ask him. Though I didn't think about it much at the time, I value the fact that you wanted to make sure that young man would really meet my needs, have similar goals and desires in life, and checking from your wizened perspective that we were compatible with each other.

It has been mentioned to me a few times how hard it is to get through a courtship when your dad sort of panics when a young man approaches him. There is no plan, no certainty of anything or how even some things should go according to his standards. Dad, thanks for having a plan, for thinking courtship through so that we all might benefit from your leadership. I can honestly say that courtship was one of the times I felt closest to you and mom, as we all pulled together to reach a common goal and seek God's best.

Thanks Dad. I love you,
Your Daughter

Looking back at my courtship experience, I’m glad that that my future father-in-law had a plan. I may not have always liked his probing questions or waiting for his permission to court his daughter, but the questions helped me think through important issues and establish a good foundation for a strong marriage. Because of this experience I have a good relationship with my father-in-law today, and (more important from my perspective) a beautiful wife and a happy family.

A son-in-law from California


Statement of Faith

We believe in the one true God, having no beginning and no end, as revealed in the Word of God. He manifests Himself in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit Ė each equal and of the same essence and fullness, yet unique in their workings and ministry.

The Bible
We believe the Bible is Godís revelation of Himself through men of old who wrote by inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It is completely true and trustworthy as it is the expression of the perfect character and essence of the Godhead and His dealings with man.

The Son Ė Jesus Christ
We believe that Jesus Christ is the Living Word of God, existing from eternity to eternity, fully God and fully man. In the fullness of time, He was sent of the Father, born of a virgin, lived a sinless perfect life, died on the cross as the vicarious substitute for the sinner, was buried, and on the third day was resurrected, the work of salvation complete in Him. He is now seated at the right hand of the Father where He makes intercession for the saints.

We believe that the salvation of man comes only through grace by faith in the person and completed work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Salvation is the free gift of the Father to those who believe and cannot be earned or merited by manís works.

The Christian Life
We believe the Holy Spirit convicts men of sin, calls them to the Savior, regenerates the dead in spirit, sanctifies and indwells the believer, and empowers the Christian to live not for themselves but to the glory of God.

The Great Commission
We believe that Jesus Christ commissioned those who believe on Him to go and preach the Gospel to all nations. It is the duty and privilege of Christians everywhere to be used by God in the propagation of Himself, the call to repentance, the equipping of the believer, and the fellowship of the saints throughout the world.