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Now in its tenth revision, a workbook of 50 pages is offered that teaches fathers to train for and conduct a courtship. This latest revision incorporates the best explanation and information I have found to date. If you work through the questions, you will have a plan on courtship for your family. How to train your younger children, prepare for courtship, ask questions, and advise those courting. These are printed on request for $20. You may order by sending a check to: Dana Dickey, Seasons of Courtship, 1505 Starr Dr., Yuba City, CA 95993 or email and request other ordering options.

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Help Me Quick!

For those fathers who are suddenly thrust into a courtship and need quick answers, I offer the chapter on how to interact with a young man, question categories to ask him, and preparing him for the realities of courtship and marriage. Seven pages of information and questions for you to consider are included. You can order "The Time Has Come" section at the address above for $7.

YOUNG MEN who have approached a father and have been given the go ahead to court a girl without any direction from that father might be interested in gaining direction here

Other Helpful Resources

If you have daughters that need a good book to explain some of the courtship principles, here is a good one. Sarah Mally uses a story about a princess and an alligator to explain how she guards her heart and rejects suitors that have no substance.

Sarah created the Bright Lights curriculum and knows how to communicate to the heart of early teens. This book is available at Vision Forum.


This book is not about courtship. It is about raising a man in today's environment. It challenges fathers to raise sons purposefully and according to Biblical principles. One of the themes is embracing the model of manhood demonstrated by Christ and rejecting Adam's pattern. It causes you to look strategically over the long-term at how you will raise a man from a boy. This book gives you a much broader plan that you can integrate courtship into. It can be found a www.rmdk.com or at Amazon.com

Relationship development is a key to having a successful courtship. Some of the resources I have found useful are:
* a list of questions to help you see the heart of your child can be found here
* a number of articles on being a leader in the home, fulfilling life roles and forming the purposes of your home can be found here.

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