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Josh & Christina

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The Story of Quinton & Allison
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As a young man, I committed to choose my wife seriously and purposefully.  Although I had no idea how it might happen, I trusted God was big enough to work out the details.

Over the last few years, the question of "who" slowly began to sound more like "whether."  And then I met Allison.  It was last June, at a youth retreat in Bridgeport, California.  Our group had just walked into the house when She came down the stairs.  I knew immediately that I was very, very interested! 

The fact that I was even at this retreat was an act of God. I was supposed to be at a wedding that weekend. But instead I found mysef, less than 12 hours after arriving home from a mission trip in Mexico, on my way to this retreat. My sister, who lives in Bridgeport, was on bed rest and needed help getting her nursery ready for her baby. So off to Bridgeport I went.

That night I lay in bed thinking about her.  It was very odd, I couldn't even remember this girl's name, yet I couldn't get her off my mind.  She was beautiful, but I had met pretty girls before.  It certainly wasn't her brains; I hadn't even spoken with her.  Yet I desperately wanted to get to know her better, and I knew that unless I acted quickly, I would probably never even see her again.

The next day we went on a long hike and I was able to spend some time talking just to Allison.  By noon I was a goner!

The first time I met Quinton, the only thought that crossed my mind was that he was a nice looking guy, and that's where it stopped. No other thoughts or second glances. Little did I know!

My parents were already planning to come to California in July for a homeschooling convention, and I knew the Dickey's were also planning to attend.  I called my folks as soon as I got home and told them there was a special girl I wanted them to meet. 

Later that week the Dickey's sent me an email.  I had told them my parents were coming, and they wanted to treat us to some California hospitality at their home.  I promptly answered yes! 

It was actually very much out of character for our family to invite people over for a meal if there were only guys in the family. So this was obviously God working to prompt us to invite the Millers over, especially since we had no clue anything was brewing. I later learned our invitation had arrived the day after Quinton spent a day in prayer and fasting about me.

Just how does one evaluate a girl?  So far I was going off gut instinct and the fact that I hadn't seen any red flags.  But I wanted a   second opinion, unbiased, from someone who knew me well, especially since I'd only met Allison once before!  My parents' opinion was very important to me.  After meeting Allison and her family, my parents indicated that they had no reservations about Allison and gave me the green light to move forward.

Several weeks later I scheduled lunch with Mr. Dickey, and told him of my interest in Allison.  The object of my desire had just left for a mission trip to Russia, and her sister was in Mexico.  This left the house available for clandestine meetings!

Unsuspectingly, off I went to Russia on a mission trip. While I was there God used a conversation with a teammate to bring me to a point where I realized I needed to yield my future to Him, so I scheduled a "date" to talk with Him in the morning. It was one of the hardest and sweetest times I have ever experienced. I knew God wanted me to give my desire for marriage to Him. It was a hard decision but I could feel His presence close to me letting me know He understood my pain and loved me very much.  Later, Quinton and I compared notes and discovered that my surrender had happened the day before he had lunch with daddy.

I'd always wondered just what being grilled by a prospective father-in-law might be like.  The experience actually turned out to be rather enjoyable.  We had some very late nights where it seemed like nobody wanted to break up the party!  We discussed my purpose in life, my strengths and weaknesses, and most of all, why I wanted to marry Allison! 

On October 4, Dana informed Allison of my interest.  Then…I waited.  And waited.  After a nail-biting week, she finally replied that she was willing to get to know me. 

It was just another normal, everyday evening until daddy came into my room and changed my life forever. When he told me who was interested in me I was shocked! I barely knew this guy! I mean, I'd only met him three times before. It took me a week to give him an answer and during that week God took me though some hard things, He asked me to give my plans for my life to Him, not an easy thing to do, but when I did I had a great freedom and was able to make a decision about Quinton's interest in me.

How does one go about winning a girl's heart?  I suppose wiser men would have gone forward cautiously, tentatively testing the water before each new step.  I went forward boldly, with the mad confidence of a man in love!  Too boldly, as I slowly discovered; she needed time to catch up.

So we started courting and at first I was very hesitant and had a lot of questions. But ever so slowly Quinton wooed me and won my heart. Through emails, internet chats, and long phone conversations we got to know each other, and what I found was surprising, wonderful, and delightful. As I really started to dig deep I discovered a man that was all that I had ever dreamed of and more.

I started shopping for a ring in late January.  A few weeks later the Dickey's went back to Bridgeport to see their daughter and son-in-law and enjoy the snow-covered Sierras.  Early that Saturday morning I took Allison up to a local cemetery (it was the only place around that was private and not covered with snow), got down on one knee, and asked Allison to be my wife!

When Quinton asked me to marry him on February 9th I was ready with all my heart to say yes!

Our relationship has been marked by God working in both our hearts, opening our eyes at just the right time, and leading us to this point.  We give all the praise and glory to Him for bringing us to this day.