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Perhaps you have questions or a group of people who would like to know more about courtship. I am willing to travel to your location on the West Coast (USA) and present the material as a live workshop. (Other locations are possible and will be considered case by case.) There are several things that need to come together for a workshop to happen and I list them below. The cost of the workshop includes the workbook, 6-7 hours of presentation and all the questions I can answer. If this looks like an option you would like to pursue, please contact me here .

Workshop Testimony

Are you looking for answers to your questions about "courtship"? Dana's six hour seminar on "courtship" is huge, huge, huge.

The first two hours are designed to answer questions for anyone who is intrigued about "courtship", but doesn't know much about it. The topics include: 1. What is courtship ? 2 Is courtship biblical ? 3. What courtship is not 4. Differences between courtship and dating.

The second two hours deal with a "courtship' vision, before the man shows up at your door wanting to court your daughter. Topics include: 1. at what age do you begin teaching the courtship the courship model to your children 2. father (and mother's) responsibilities 3. child's responsibilities.

The final two hours provide insight about what to expect when the man does show up. These topics are: 1. spiritual growth 2. questions for suitors 3. daughter involvement.

Perhaps you are thinking that Dana presents his "courtship" seminar as a list of rules or a system of checking off things to do. Perish that thought immediately. Dana presents issues and situations for you to consider.

Yes,six hours is a long time. But the rewards are tremendous.

Mike, Southern CA

Workshop Requirements

* To make it practical, a minimum of seven paying participants (one workbook per family) should be assured before scheduling a workshop.
* A one page flyer can be downloaded here to help promote the event.
* One person should act as coordinator. This person would hold the advance payments, arrange for a meeting place (hopefully free), and find lodging for the presenter (a private home is fine)
* The presentation involves Powerpoint slides. A screen or a blank wall is helpful.
* Cost for the workshop depends on the distance I need to travel and will include the workbook.
* The workshop is aimed at fathers, but I highly recommend that both husband and wife attend. Single moms are welcome as they can use a trusted older man to perform the tasks normally given to the husband. Your teens are also welcome to attend if you would like. They add a unique dynamic to the discussion.
* Because of the length of time required (6-7 hours), I like to do the workshop over two sessions. This can be Friday night and Saturday morning/evening or two sessions on Saturday. Other schedule arrangement can be made on request.